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The Basics of Precision Houston Metal Fabrication

Understanding the basics of Houston metal fabrication can help you make the right choices for your components and your manufacturing needs. Modern metal fabrication methods owe almost as much to computers as they do to cutting machines. Here are some key facts you need to know about metal fabrication methods and applications in the modern marketplace.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication processes encompass a wide range of activities that involve the shaping of sheet metal in an industrial workshop environment. This process can be used to produce components, tools, containers, automotive parts, pipes and many other items. Modern methods can allow greater precision than ever before in manufacturing metal parts and creating the most accurate tolerances for these components.

Processes Used in Houston Metal Fabrication

A number of different methods are used in metal fabrication, including the following:

  • Stamping creates raised patterns in metal by using a die to apply high pressure to areas of sheet metal.
  • Cutting is the most common method of metal fabrication. As its name suggests, it involves the use of mechanical tools or lasers to cut away unwanted areas of metal.
  • Punching removes specific areas of metal to create holes and edges for components and parts.
  • Blanking is similar to punching but generally involves layers of sheet metal rather than just one piece.
  • Machining is a precision method of removing material to create a specific shape and thickness.
  • Bending is a process that uses dies and pressure brake machinery to create a fold, bend or crease in sheet metal.
  • Roll forming combines several bending processes to create specific shapes in sheet metal components.

Computer-numerical-control (CNC) machining processes put the power of computers and devices to work to produce components and parts for manufacturers and industrial enterprises.

Houston CNC Machining

Houston CNC machining processes begin with specifications that are entered into a computer system. These specifications control the motions and behaviors of cutting and metal fabrication machinery to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for these components and products. Making sure that these parts are manufactured and machined to specific tolerances is essential to ensure that they perform properly in real-world situations.

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