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Understanding the Basics of Houston CNC Machining

dossen lynxComputer numerical control, more commonly referred to as CNC, is a method for machining parts and components to the highest possible degree of precision. Houston CNC machining shops offer a number of different processes to ensure that you receive the most practical options for your machining and fabrication needs. Understanding the basics of these processes can help you make the most informed choices for your company and your ongoing needs.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining processes begin with advanced tools that receive guidance from specialized CNC programming. This allows for far greater precision machining during Houston metal fabrication and machining tasks. The process typically includes the following steps:

  • A 2-D or 3-D drawing of the part or component is created using computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software. When the drawing is complete and accurate, it is translated into a machine code that can be understood by the tools that are used to create the part.
  • The code used will provide precise instructions on the speed, feed rate, location and positioning of the part to ensure that all cuts and finishing processes are completed to the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Once the code is completed, a test run will be performed to determine if the specifications are accurate and functional. Once the test is completed, the process moves on to the next stage.
  • Mills, lathes and grinders may be involved in the machining process along with cutting tools. The increased control and accuracy made possible by CNC machining processes can produce precision parts and components that might be very difficult or impossible to create by any other method.

Houston CNC machining processes typically involve vertical and horizontal cuts and can produce components with tolerances of less than .0005. This exceptional degree of accuracy can help companies in the Houston area achieve their goals in industrial components and products.

Open-Loop vs. Closed-Loop

Machining systems may be configured as open-loop or closed-loop. Open-loop machining set-ups send data in one direction from the control system to the machining equipment. Closed-loop systems, by contrast, allow for two-way communication that can provide added information for operators to correct errors and ensure the most effective use of time and materials in the Houston CNC machine shop environment.

At Custom Components & Assemblies, we offer advanced metal fabrication and custom Houston CNC machining services designed to suit your requirements. Our technicians have the experience and the equipment needed to accomplish a wide range of precision machining tasks. We will work with you at every phase of your project to ensure that you receive the best solutions for your machining needs. Call us today at 713-937-6225 to request a quote from us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.